Colorado GiveCamp Oct 2012 Volunteer Info

Friday, October 26, 2012 12:55:00 PM


Things to bring:
  • Sleeping bag and pillow. We will designate a "quiet room" for you to sleep in.
  • Food if you have special dietary needs. We try to accommodate healthy eating habits, but may not be able to cater to all.
  • Toothbrush, deodorant, etc. There will not be shower facilities.
  • Laptop, mouse, cords, etc. We do not plan on having any loaners
Requirements for Internet Access:
DeVry uses "BlueSocket" to facilitate connection into their network. It will be extremely beneficial if you have the following installed on your laptop BEFORE you get to GiveCamp Helpful Developer Tools:
GitHub has graciously donated free repositories for the charities for each team to use. If you do not have Git installed (or a GitHub account) please use the following instructions to do so before you get toGiveCamp

  1. Setup a free account at
  2. I'd suggest setting up and SSH key for your account. When signed in, just go to and it will show you ssh keys for your account.
  3. The first three chapters of are a great free resource to get started on, if they don't have any familiarity with Git.
  4. When I'm there (GitHubber Jared Koument), I'll be happy to help bootstrap anyone who needs a hand. (If they prefer a GUI, GitHub for Windows and GitHub for Mac are good clients for interfacing with Github. Another option is SmartGit, which is free for non-commercial use.)
DeVry University Colorado Springs Center
1175 Kelly Johnson Blvd. 
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Guidelines for GiveCamp Weekend:
In the spirit of helping the worthy non-profits during GiveCamp weekend, please keep the following guidelines in mind. Guidelines for GiveCamp weekend:
  1. GiveCamp is a long and intense three days of coding. You need to ensure you take care of yourself and get enough sleep allowing you to be fully functional.
  2. GiveCamp is about donating your time and skills to help Charities. You will not be compensated and you should not expect to sell any services or products to any charity.
  3. Volunteers are not asked or expected to donate their time following the GiveCamp weekend.
  4. The charities own the source code, images, and all other works produced for your charity during the GiveCamp weekend.
Friday, October 26
5:00pm - 6:00pm: Registration
6:00pm: Dinner and Kick-off Meeting; charity and project presentations
7:00pm: Team meetings with charities to collect more info on the project

Saturday, October 27
8:00am Breakfast
Noon - Lunch
6:00pm - Dinner

Sunday, October 28
8:00am: Breakfast
Noon: Lunch
1:00pm: Code Freeze
1:00pm - 3:00pm: Project presentations and hand-off to charities
3:00pm - 3:30pm: Wrap-up and door prize giveaways

If you have any questions please contact us at

Looking forward to seeing you!

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