Will there be wireless internet available?


I'm a student can I volunteer?

Yes, students will be paired with more experienced developers.

I'm a student will I be able to contribute?

Yes, the event staff will be watching and making sure that the more experienced developers are helping students learn how to develop software.

Can we form our own teams?

Yes. If you would like to form your own team of 5 people, that would be very helpful. Please keep in mind that each team must have at least 1 Developer, 1 DBA and 1 Designer. The Developers will be responsible for programming the front-end and the business logic layer. The DBA will be responsible for the tables, stored procedures and the data access layer. The Designer will be responsible for creating the master page and the cascading style sheet.

When you register, please enter your team's name in the Team Name field. Please confirm that everyone on your team has completed an application.

Can I use third-party components?

We will be providing each charity with all of the software they need to maintain, update and extend their applications. There will be a limited number of licenses available for third-party components.

What about Content Management?

We will be looking for sponsorship from CMS companies to provide us with licenses to their products

Will there be whiteboards available for our use?


When do you have to finish by?

Please have your application ready for the demo by 3:00 p.m. on Sunday.

What should we bring?
  • Laptop and any other devices needed to developer software.
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Toothbrush
Can I pick the project I work on?

Once the projects have been selected, you will be able to rank your preference.

How much time do we have to code?

The whole weekend! The main event starts Friday evening and we (Give Camp Organizers) will be there 24/7 to help support you. However, we do not have any shower facilities.

Do I need to bring my own computer?

Yes, that would work best. We don't have the resources to supply a loaner laptop/computer to all of the volunteers.

When do we need to be done?

Please do your best to complete everything by 4:00 pm Sunday afternoon. We'd like to use the last hour or so to get together and show everybody the apps created over the weekend.

Is this is a competition can we vote on a winner?

No, this event is about the charities. It is acceptable after the demo of the application to congratulate a team on a job well done, but this is not a competition.

What technologies can I use?

You can only use technology that has been released. It is highly recommended someone on your team is experienced with the technology you are working with. While this is a great learning opportunity for developers, please remember this event is for the charities and you do have to deliver a working application at the end of the event.

What will the work environment be like?

Fun & Exciting!